Frequently Asked Questions

The problems we are tackling in our various projects are as different as they can be, reaching from simple color detection to plagiarism detection to complex nutritional analysis. Nevertheless some fundamental questions are raising very frequently. 
If your questions exceeds this catalogue, or our answers do not satisfy your hunger for information, feel free to contact us, using the contact form below.

specTelligence develops and distributes highly innovative smartphone applications for spectral surface analysis, without the need of any additional hardware.
The amazing specTelligence Scan technology can be used to scan whatever comes to your mind.

If you have an idea how to use our technology in your company feel free to contact us.

The original idea for the specTelligence Scan technology was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg. Since then, we have further developed the technology and integrated everything to provide a modern and flexible solution for mobile spectral analysis to out partners all over the world.

Although the specTelligence Scan technology is used for spectral analysis, we are not obtaining a full spectrum of the surface we are scanning. We identify certain spectral features using visible light and analyze them with highly specialized artificial intelligence. That allows for a spectral analysis, but not for a full spectrum measurement.

Unfortunately there is nothing like one specTelligence app. Our technology is used in a variety of apps, all tackling a very own problem.

With our knowledge and expertise in spectral analysis and mobile development we are currently developing a variety of smartphone application for showcasing our technology. The lineup includes some cosmetics application, fraud detection and food analysis. Nevertheless, the apps are still under development to ensure maximum performance. 

You can download the app "smacoyo" in the Google Play Store, which gives you personalized skin product recommendations.

We expect to release more apps in the beginning of 2020. If you do not want to miss the official release you should subscribe to our newsletter right now.

The specTelligence Development Kit is still under development itself. We work very hard to get it finished as soon as possible. A precise manual together with a decent tutorial will be published on our website when the SDK is released.
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The maybe unsatisfying answer to this question is: It depends. We follow a purely data-driven approach, that allows a machine learning algorithm to analyze spectral information in the context of a certain application.
The best way to find out, if an application is suitable for the use of our technology, is, to perform a small feasibility study. You can already realize them yourself with the specTelligence Development Kit. If you don't want to realize the feasibility study by yourslef, contact our sales team, and we will perform the study on your behalf.